Story 1: Let’s begin our journey together and have some fun!

Each day we are going to greet each other and greet Mother Earth, thanking her for the miracles and wonders of our planet, we call home.

EcoHome family Papa Simon, Mama Ruth, Josh and Mia.

The EcoHome Warriors: Meg, takes care of the Think Pink Roof Insulation. Dirty Jack has three recycling bins: paper, glass and plastic. uMsasane, is the Zulu word for umbrella Acacia tree. Chloe & Prince Nakaya are frogs, Mia’s very best friends. Tiyah the Scout Bee. Sunny the Solar Panel. Mama Lucy the water tank.

"Hello, young learners! We are the EcoHome family and we're beginning on an adventure to visit Mother Earth. Throughout this adventure, we will explore how people relates to the Earth's ecosystem and learn the simple changes we can make to save our planet. This is an adventure you won't want to miss, so let's come together and begin." Papa Simon, our wise teacher and father, gathers the EcoHome family and warriors who will teach us about making simple changes to our lives. We will learn how energy is in everything we do and see: in solar, wind, heat and how we use energy when we walk, talk, jump and wave.

Papa Simon starts by saying, "We are a family, brothers and sisters to all living things on Earth. Our survival depends on the food that grows on farms, the milk from cows, the water that falls as rain and the bees that pollinate plants. Nature relies on us to keep the soil free from toxins and harmful waste. As we journey from one lesson to another, we will unite with learners and together we will create a safe environmental home for all living things. Each activity we engage in is a lesson and these EcoHome warriors will teach us how simple it is to make a difference to our environment, homes, schools, gardens and communities." Papa Simon shares the incredible story of the EcoHome family, explaining, "We are the voices that will inspire learners to understand the importance of how we see and live with the life around us. As members of the EcoHome family, we play an important role in protecting what we call home, Mother Earth. By saving the trees, we can maintain the water cycles necessary to fill our rivers and dams. We can all be EcoHome warriors with superpowers to rescue all living things. When we truly care for something, we do everything in our power to look after it. Caring is love and by changing our habits, we can save the ecosystems that provide life to birds, bees, ants, wild animals, goats, donkeys and all people on Earth. Together we can change the future of our home by loving all that lives around us." While Papa Simon speaks, Mama Ruth and Mia carefully fold the sides of the EcoHome house and secure it to the base of the box. Papa Simon continues the EcoHome story, saying, "The EcoHome activities will help us understand the importance of energy. We will learn about heat energy, solar energy and the magical power of wind to pump water from the ground for our taps. You are all important guardians of the future of our planet and all living things. Now is the time to open our eyes and appreciate the wonders that surround us, starting with our home and garden and extending to our community. We can recycle water, plastic, paper and glass, working together to make a difference.

EcoHome Complete
Water Tank

”Come, join the EcoHome family and their brave warriors as they begin their adventure.”


”Meet Mr. Bok: He is going to show us the secrets that make our world a better place.”


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