Story 2: Dirty Jack, the recycling monster with recycling arms.

Josh and Mia start on an adventure with an odd creature called 'Dirty Jack,' a friendly litter monster with three enormous arms. Each arm represents a different recycling group - green for paper, yellow for plastic and red for glass. Together, they collect and separate the rubbish into individual bins.

Dirty Jack's greedy appetite for rubbish becomes obvious as he exclaims, "I am so hungry! Why am I not being fed plastic and glass? There is too much paper, making my green arm heavy, while my yellow and red recycling arms remain empty." The recycling arms of Dirty Jack begin to tug at each other, creating a loud and noisy scene that catches the attention of their neighbour. Apologizing to him for the racket caused by Dirty Jack, Josh explains that they haven't gathered enough glass and plastic to fill his hungry recycling arms and belly. He is wearing a smile, asks, "Do you think we could bring our glass and plastic for Hungry Jack to recycle?"

Mia, changes her focus from chasing Chloe, her beloved frog and best friend in the garden, shouts above the noise, "That would be wonderful! My school teacher says we mustn't harm the world with plastic and rubbish because every creature, insect and plant would suffer. There is enough rubbish to build mountains and when it is burnt, it creates black clouds that poison the air we breathe and pollutes the rivers, seas and lakes. The fish will become gradually less, as they cannot remain alive in polluted waters." Inspired by Mia's words, he gathers his children and asks them to collect glass and plastic from the garden, house and especially from their rooms, to feed Hungry Jack's recycling arms. They walk over to Josh and Mia's house and excitedly feed the glass and plastic to Dirty Jack. The children burst into laughter as they see Dirty Jack struggle to open his eyes or lift his arms because he is so full.

Excited by the noise and success of Dirty Jack's recycling efforts, Josh, Mia and their friends decide to make a poster inviting all the children in their community to join their recycling project. They visit every house on their street, sharing with them Dirty Jack's greedy appetite for recyclables. By the end of the week, all the children in the neighbourhood join the recycling project, collecting paper, plastic and glass. As a result, Dirty Jack's bellowing settles down and is replaced by hearty chuckles and burps that can be heard throughout their community. News of Dirty Jack's successful recycling project spreads to nearby towns, encouraging other children to start their own initiatives. Now, there is a special truck that comes to collect the recycled rubbish, making the towns, roads, bus stops and gardens clean and free of waste. The joint efforts of the children have made an important impact on their environment, creating a cleaner and healthier place for everyone to enjoy.

What do we do? We collect paper, plastic and glass. Who can tell me what Mother Earth is saying right now? She is bowing and saying, ‘Thank you learners for loving our Earth and cleaning up all that rubbish.’

Recycle Paper

Green: Paper recycling bin

Recycle Plastic

Yellow: Plastic recycling bin

Recycle Glass

Red: Glass recycling bin

Children doing Recycling
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