Story 3: Meg, the magic carpet and think pink recycled roof Insulation.

The EcoHome family is grateful for Meg, the magical carpet, who takes care of the recycled think pink roof insulation in the attic. This special insulation keeps the rooms and lounge cozy in winter and cool in summer. However, Meg faces a challenge when it rains because her fluffy carpet becomes too heavy to fly.

On a cold and gloomy winter’s day, Meg gracefully glides through the attic, accompanied by the pink roof insulation. She takes pride in her role, carefully making sure that the house stays warm. During very hot summers, she protects the house from the heat of the roof, keeping a comfortable environment. Meg is a dedicated warrior for the EcoHome family.

One day, a storm suddenly develops. The wind howls fiercely and the leaves rustle in the trees. Meg notices Mia playing with Chloe, her frog friend, under the EcoHome tree, unaware of the advancing thunderstorm. As the wind gets stronger and rain pours down, Meg checks that the think pink roof insulation is secure, protecting the house from the elements.

Meg hears Mama Ruth nervously calling for Mia from the kitchen door. The storm grows louder, and Meg realizes it's an emergency. Despite her fear of getting soaked and losing her ability to fly, she knows she must find Mia. Searching through the garden, Meg listens to Chloe's croaking. Following the sound, she discovers Mia curled up under the EcoHome tree. Meg's heart fills with relief and joy.

As Meg carries Mia on her magic carpet, Mama Ruth waits at the door, ready to wrap Mia in a warm blanket. Exhausted and soaked, Meg collapses on the kitchen floor, her body crumpled and soggy. Overwhelmed, she falls into a deep sleep.

When Meg awakens, she finds the entire EcoHome family gathered around her, cheering and expressing their gratitude. Papa Simon thanks Meg for rescuing Mia from the storm. As Meg slowly lifts her body, expecting it to still be heavy with rainwater, she is surprised to find her tufts soft and warm again. Filled with renewed energy and joy, Meg glides through the kitchen, grateful to have saved Mia and to have brought warmth and comfort to the EcoHome family.

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