Story 4: Solar energy with Sunny- the solar panel.

One sunny morning, the peaceful mood at EcoHome is disturbed by a loud clatter on the roof. Meg, the magic carpet, is surprised, "What's causing all this hullabaloo?" she cries out, trying to figure out the source of the noise. The banging grows louder and louder, leaving everyone curious and worried.

Papa Simon, always quick to explore, calls Josh, Meg and Mia to the garden to tell them about the unusual activity happening on the roof. Josh, eager to learn something new, listens closely. Meg drifts above, trying to catch a peep of what is going on. Mia, on the other hand, cannot take her eyes off Chloe, her best frog friend, who is busy hopping around the pond.

With a smile, Papa Simon says, "Meet Sunny, our new solar panel." He explains that the sun is a huge source of energy and all living things, including the EcoHome family, rely on its rays and heat to survive on our planet. "You see," he continues, "when sunlight touches the solar panels on the roof, they do something magical—they convert the sunlight into energy to power our house!" Papa Simon goes on to share that the sun's energy is often more than what the family needs. So, instead of wasting it, the extra energy is stored in a large battery. "During winter," he says, "when we need extra heat, we can use the stored energy from the battery to keep warm and cozy." Papa Simon tells them about stored energy in various forms, such as food, petrol, wood, oil and other chemicals. He explains that batteries also store energy using chemicals and serve different purposes like lighting homes, powering offices and making all kinds of useful things.

Papa Simon turns to Meg, praising her vital role in conserving energy in the form of heat through the pink roof insulation. Meg is delighted, as she proudly flies up and around, showing off her clever contribution. With Josh interested, Papa Simon asks him about other forms of energy. Josh mentions an exciting book he has on wind energy. To everyone's surprise, Mia comments by saying, "I've read your book, Josh. It explains how the energy of the wind is caught by wind turbines." Surprised, Josh nods and explains that the book talks about how the wind’s energy is used to create power and make things move.

Papa Simon laughs and explains, "kinetic energy is the energy an object holds because of its movements. When we walk, fall, or throw something, we have kinetic energy. And guess what? It can even turn into electrical energy!" He points at Chloe, who is hopping and jumping around, showing a perfect example of kinetic energy in action. The EcoHome family is surprised to learn about the different forms of energy and how they help make the planet a better place. They know that understanding and being thankful for these sources of energy will help them make wise choices to protect their home and all the living things around them.

Together, they continue to explore and learn, discovering that their efforts to take care of the Earth’s energy and welcome renewable sources are part of a greater journey toward a more sustainable and eco-friendlier lifestyle. With each new lesson, the EcoHome family grows more committed to being guardian of the Earth, ensuring a bright and beautiful future for themselves and all living things.

Sunny the Solar Panle
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Mr. Bok is full of sunshine.

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