Story 6: Mia explores the wonder of natural gas.

Mia's favorite place in the EcoHome is the kitchen, where she enjoys baking delicious treats like the Topsy Choco cake. With Mama Ruth's guidance, she follows the kitchen rules carefully, especially when dealing with the naked flame of the gas stove. She puts on her apron, washes her hands, wipes the counter clean and glances at the kitchen rules, which Mama Ruth stresses is for everyone's safety. Mama Ruth reaches for her cooking magazine and casually flips through the pages, while Mia reads the cake recipe and gathers the flour, cocoa, baking powder, sugar, milk and butter from the grocery cupboard. Mama Ruth switches on the oven and waits for the indicating red light to go off, before she puts in the cake to bake.

The cake will take exactly 45 minutes to cook. Mia grabs her book on natural gases and conserving energy and, calls Chloe to sit with her under uMsasane’s tree. She is fascinated as she reads that natural gas is created in the earth’s crust over the course of hundreds of millions of years and is overwhelmed by the wonders of Mother Earth and how important it is to preserve and find alternatives to harmful gases. She reads on about wildfires and learns that smoke is a mixture of harmful air poisons.

Feeling inspired, Mia decides to create a poster on saving our planet and starts a project to encourage others to do the simple things that are sustainable habits, like turning off lights and using energy-efficient appliances can save the ecosystem of Mother Earth, she has an internal love for all living things from the time of creation to this day. Nature has not changed her eternal love for all living things. No matter how the world changes around us, we can trust that our Mother Earth will always remain always good, always loving and always all-powerful. In her creation of the warm sun, cool breeze and the night sky, we see nature’s provision for all living things to live and grow.

Lost in her project, Mia doesn't hear the oven's timer go off. She hurries back to the kitchen and she instantly smells the delicious chocolate cake. Mama Ruth carefully takes out the cake from the oven and places it on the table next to the window. Mia, impatient to eat a piece of her Topsy Choco cake, decides that she will continue to read her interesting book on natural gas and plan her project.

However, when Mia returns, she is horrified and exclaims, "Oh no! Mama, someone has taken a bite out of the cake!" Mama Ruth rushes to the kitchen and sees that a chunk of the cake has indeed been eaten. Initially puzzled, she then remembers that Meg cannot resist the smell and taste of chocolate cake. She cuddles Mia and reassures her, saying, "Mia, it's just a small bite, there's plenty to share with everyone." Mia prepares a tea party with Chloe, determined to eat her slice before anyone else takes another bite. She thinks, whether she should invite Meg to her tea party after all. Mia decides that sharing is caring, forgiving Meg is not so difficult after all. The EcoHome family learns that sharing and celebrating together can make any hardship into a special moment.

Mia in the kitchen
Meg the Magic Carpet

Meg enjoyed the Topsy Choco cake.

Mr. Bok



Mr. Bok is smiling with joy.

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