Story 7: Chloe and her prince Nakaya.

"Mama, Chloe has a friend!" Mia's voice rings out with excitement, calling Mama Ruth to the pond. There, she finds Mia holding two frogs, one in each hand. Chloe looks up at Mia with her googly eyes, clearly interested by the commotion. Mia is overjoyed to have a new precious friend. "Chloe, where does your friend come from?" she asks, watching Chloe hop into the pond. Carefully seeing the frog's visible features, Mia says, "You, my delightful friend, shall be called Prince Nakaya."

The garden buzzes with happiness as Mama Ruth joins in the fun. She knows that having more frogs around will help reduce the garden's bug and mosquito. Mia's day is turned into wonder and surprised as she notices the charming colours of her new friend. Meg, the ever-curious magical carpet, joins in too, interested by the fascinating creature with bulging red eyes, a neon-green body and eye-catching red feet, blue and yellow stripes.

As Meg moves closer, her tassels swish, and Prince Nakaya, surprised, leaps to the top branches of the uMsasane tree, leaving Mia in wonder. She cannot believe what she has seen. The Acacia tree is tall and magnificent and reaching the top is not easy. Mama Ruth sits down next to Mia and begins sharing the fascinating life of frogs. She explains that frogs are cold-blooded vertebrates, living both on land and in water. Mia listens carefully, learning how frogs soak up oxygen through their lungs and skin, relying on moisture to survive. Mama Ruth draws attention to the vital role of clean water in protecting frogs and their sensitive skin.

As Mama Ruth continues, Mia watches Chloe and Prince Nakaya, admiring their unique features, from their bulging eyes to their strong webbed feet. She learns about the challenges frogs face, from hunters like birds and mammals to the dangers of polluted water. Mama Ruth finds interesting information suggesting a likeness to a species of frog from the tropical rainforests of Central America. The mystery of how he ended up in their garden will remain a secret only known by our amazing friend.

As the day draws to a close, Mia, Mama Ruth and Meg are amazed at the wonders of the natural world. Their hearts are filled with thankfulness and a deep sense of responsibility to protect and cherish all living creatures in their EcoHome garden. With Prince Nakaya as their newfound friend, they know their days will be filled with adventure and learning and the magic of their garden will only grow. And so, in the charming world of the EcoHome garden, the friendship between Mia, Chloe and Prince Nakaya blossoms. With each passing day, they share exciting adventures and their friendship grows stronger, reminding them that in life, every creature plays a vital role and every moment holds the promise of new discovery and wonder.

Chloe the Frog
Mia and tomato plant
Mr. Bok



Mr. Bok wants to be our friend.

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