Story 9: Tiyah the scout bee.

"Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!" Tiyah exclaims, flying around the bustling workshop. Papa Simon is sawing the wood from uMsasane’s fallen branches, while Josh hammers away, building Tiyah’s hive. Tiyah is filled with excitement as she notices the progress being made for the hive. She buzzes madly near Josh’s face, causing Papa Simon to advise, “Josh, stand very still and stop waving your hands, or she might become scared and sting you.” Papa Simon takes a closer look at Tiyah and remarks, “I believe she is a scout bee. They are older bees, skilled fliers and experience in finding rich sources of nectar or pollen. “He goes on to explain that the rest of the swarm waits for the scout bees to return. Josh adds, “We studied honeycomb bees at school. They produce beeswax for the honeycombs by making wax scales from glands in their bodies. They then chew the wax with a bit of honey and pollen.”

Meanwhile, Mia, lost in thought by the pond, realizes how crucial bees are for our planet. She is humble and thanks Mother Earth for all she has provided for all living things and appreciates that bees play a vital role in nature's delicate balance. They help plants grow, providing food and shelter for many creatures. Without bees, our Earth would be a very different place.

"Mia! Mia! I have a surprise for you," Mama Ruth calls out. Mia, fully engaged with Chloe and Prince Nakaya, does not hear Mama Ruth's call. "Mia! Mia!" She calls again. This time, Mia hears her and rushes to the kitchen door. Mia's excitement grows when Mama Ruth surprises her with a beautiful herb and vegetable garden, along with colourful flowers. She shouts with delight upon seeing the beautiful plants. Mama Ruth takes her hand, smiling with joy and points to the herb and vegetable garden— onions, potatoes, carrots and cabbage. She also shows Mia the plants for the flowerbeds—yellow tulips, white daisies and Mia's favourite, lilies. Mia calls Papa Simon and Josh saying, "Josh, Papa, come quickly and see what Mama Ruth has brought for the bees," Mia exclaims. Suddenly, buzzing bees appear, flying around the flowers and other plants in search of pollen. Papa Simon says to Josh, "We must hurry and finish the beehive because Tiyah and her colony of bees have arrived." Mia can't contain her joy as she sees buzzing bees happily visiting the flowers and plants.

With the hive finished, the garden becomes a paradise for Tiyah and her bee colony. They blossom, collecting nectar and pollen to build a strong and healthy hive. The EcoHome family is delighted to witness the wonders of nature right in their backyard. As days go by, the garden flourishes and Tiyah's bee colony grows stronger. The bees play their essential role in pollination, helping the flowers bloom and the vegetables grow. The EcoHome garden becomes a vibrant and lively place, where nature and EcoHome family are happy.

And so, the tale of Tiyah and her bee colony becomes part of the rich history of the EcoHome family. They are amazed at the wonders of creation and the magic of working together, just like the bees do. With love and care for the Earth and all its creatures, the EcoHome family treasures the lessons they've learned from the buzzing bees.

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Mr. Bok enjoys eating honey.

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